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"Central Rates is the worst thing ever to happen to Marketing"



"I'm sick of Central Rates' whiter than white attitude"

David Giles


"Kevin's been dormant for a few years"



"What's insurance ?"

Andy Hill


"Is that the Slav Gvero that comes to see you ?"

Andy Hill


"Gross incompetence"

Peter Davis (of Kevin)


"Central Rates screens are more important than Quotes screens"

Liz Emsley


"I think we should ban Quotes screens"

Jon Lambert


"I think I've screwed up FRTLIB somehow"



"I'm better at COBOL than FORTRAN"



"My carís tuned for sports performance"



"It just happened when I pressed a few buttons"



"They were where they used to be"



"This looks far too complicated for me"

Ian 'you don't say' Wynands


"You idiot"

Ian "pots & kettles" Wynands


"What's all this pots and kettles anyway" -

Ian "glass houses & stones" Wynands


"I've done it but it's wrong"

Ian "yes me again" Wynands


"They were dressed up as transvestites"

Ian 'rubber body suit' Wynands


"It's the instrumental version with them singing Rock 'n' Roll on it"



"They were all mentally insane."

Ian "Physically Insane" Wynands


"I've just realized why I've got a peculiar figure - It's complete bollocks!"

Dave "I don't want to boast but..." Hancock


"What if someone who knows a lot about how the machine works, like Nick Ikin asks you a question ?"

Laurence "Big Desk" Haswell


"That's technical"

Nick "I know a lot about how the machine works" Ikin


"It was on live in the afternoon and then it was on live on Sky in the evening."

Colin "Did I mention that I've got a satellite dish?" Saunders


"You think it will take longer than you think"

Ian 'Not as stupid as you think that he looks as if he might be but more stupid than that' Wynands


"You need to lever it with a crowbar or a piece of cardboard or something."

Ian "Does anyone want to buy a cardboard crowbar ?" Wynands


"It's just a pile of donkey."



"I may be talking through my toilet..."

Ian 'I think he probably is' Wynands


"We hope to do it this week but don't hold your hat."

Ian 'Every Hat You Take' Wynands