Those Photos


A Quick Word ...

The following pages feature some photographs which were on their way to the dustbin.  Luckily, they were saved,and are now available for your entertainment.

The pages are grouped loosely by team or department, so some people crop up more than once, and one or two spouses might appear unexpectedly!

If your photo is displayed, and you really really don't want it included, then I guess I can remove it.  However, I hope that you'll treat these displays as some harmless fun, and that nobody will get all hot and bothered.

On the other hand, if you'd like to see someone who isn't currently featured ....  
... let me know, and I'll try to oblige ...


Central Rates


ISD Tech ISD Ops
Micro Support SOQS/AXess Management
Support I Support II
Eric to Dick Coventry
ISD part 7 ISD part 8 ISD part 9

Marketing / Sales / Development

Pensions Review 
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Actuarial part 0

Actuarial part 1

Actuarial part 2
Actuarial part 3 Actuarial part 4

Stock Exchange


Other Favourites 1 Other Favourites 2