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Davey really knows how to travel in style and comfort. 

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He also has this van for when his wife needs the car.

How many names have you got ????????????

He's good at falling asleep on the train.

The first story we heard was when he was "tanked up" and on the way home to Ealing.  He was on the Piccadilly line going west.   The next he knew was that he was going through a station that he'd already been through.  The explanation was that he'd been to the end of the line, and was now travelling in the opposite direction.  Class 1, I think.

Recently, he told me the following:

Oh I remember I had another Tube disaster, fell asleep (after drinking heavily) on Central line at about 9.30pm one Wednesday evening, trying to get to Ealing Broadway, woken by the driver at West Ruislip at 12.45am.  I don't know what happened to the time in between or whether I made the journey from Ruislip to Loughton, very lucky I ended up at the western end of the tube rather than the eastern, Essex end.  No trains going back at that time of night, lucky I had some money to pay the only cab in sight, 15 quid to get home to Hanwell.
Marvellous times.

I replied :

Fantastic news about the train trip.  Does your ticket allow to travel out as far as West Ruislip, or did you cop for a 10 fine as well as the cleaning bill for all the vomit on the seats?

Causing him to say :

Of the Tube incident,  I was woken with the words "You can't sleep here mate".  I was in a mightily confused state as you can imagine, a quick check to see I had vommed or wet myself, negative on both.
But I didn't recognise anything, I'd never been to West Ruislip before (no intention to go again) and it took me a couple of minutes to realise what had happened.  I must have got to Ealing, then went to Loughton or Hainault (or wherever) and then to West Ruislip.  No penalty fare, although my ticket wasn't valid, no one looked at my ticket, they probably felt sorry for me as I was still looking a little shell shocked. 
I left the station with the sound of the shutters clanking behind me.

There then followed a comment from Nick :

If I'm not imagining it, this isn't Davey's first such adventure...

Which provoked the final instalment from Davey :

No, I'm becoming quite a veteran.  I have on occasion done a couple of laps of the Piccadilly line and almost ended up in Cockfosters late at night, and I had a District Line adventure,  well I thought I was on the District line, again trying to get to the promised land of Ealing Broadway, but I was actually on the Circle line so I did a lap of that before I realised.  I've waited at Bond St for an Ealing Broadway train for 30 minutes before I noticed I was on the wrong platform.  Alcohol was a mitigating factor in all cases.  I have yet to adorn myself en route though, so I'm yet to step up to full membership of the Late Night Sorry State Club.

We'll keep you informed of any further developments.