Lardy Mark

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Marksml.jpg (9323 bytes)    In the old days, you would have Mark, looking as if he didn't have a care in the world.. 

Strange that.  After you got to know him, you'd realise how far wide of the mark you'd been.

He didn't have a care in the visible universe.

He never had much in the way of casual clothes, so often turned up wearing a shirt and tie. Consequently, people believed that he's in charge. 

He's probably not as clever as Nick, but was more use if you need First Aid.

Ask him about his Maths A-level.

  And also, about the time when he didn't bother to dry his hair.

Or what he looked like when asked to smile (on his last visit to the Bristol office)

Despite being warned that leaving AXA Sun Life would be a very silly thing to do, he did.  For a huge pay rise, a company car, international travel, .... and the prospect of interesting work.

Mark lives in a very attractive Cotswold Stone (clad) house in the Windy City of Chalgrove, Oxon, a suburb of Blackbird Leas.

Mark_casual.jpg (11380 bytes) His hobbies include trying out sports which require fitness.

And sweating.  A lot.

He has a charming wife, Dawn.  And two spotty children - Oscar and Louis.

He used to keep rabbits, but they're both dead now.

Well, they were when I wrote that bit.  But they have been seamlessly replaced by (ummm...) replacements.  Just like the BBC do when a top star leaves a soap opera.