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Russell is our self-styled fashion guru.

Curiously, he finds few amongst us who are prepared to follow his lead.


Russell is a dynamic, go getting young programmer, with a fascination for all things active and energetic.  His Hobbies include sitting, blinking, and watching other people work hard.  He pretends to be grossly incompetent, but it's all an act.

Likes & Dislikes

Rats (both Rattus rattus and Rattus  Norvegicus)
Big Trainers with velcro fastenings (for ease of access)
Australian lapdancers called Emma.  Emma Chisset.
Pretty much everything else



What is it you actually do here?
I bet you couldn't get the drinks.
How come every girl you chat up lives at least 5,000 miles away?
What's the capital of Outer Mongolia?


Russell's football career

Russell could have been a contender.  If he hadn't had a glass groin and a lead crystal ankle, he could have gone all the way.  As it is, he has to make do with occasionally not playing for his work's team AXA Sun Life FC, where he works reasonably badly as left back (in the changing room)

Apart from low - level incompetence and playing football - Russell also keeps rats - He has four at the moment - Fermat, Euler, Wiz and Danzig.  Wiz and Danzig are Eulers boys, and Fermat is their Uncle, so it's fairly cosy.