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What we all need to know is :

Who did the most (and least) work?

A bit of a tricky one, but our highly tuned actuarial brains decided that the best way to measure productivity was to count the number of times each person's name appeared in the Change Records.

It's possible that Peter Dixon might feel aggrieved, and Jenny might feel that she did rather well ... but the main thing is that Fat Dave didn't win. 

And Russell was almost as useful as Kevin!  But we knew that, didn't we?

Nick 2013
Mark 1209
Dave H 1188
Ralph 1100
Greg 887
Ian 799
Jenny 580
Colin 554
Margaret 432
Kevin 404
Russell 402
Linda 373
Robert 365
Jon 342
David B 313
Pauline 238
Andy 224
Leigh 168
Robin 131
MJ Wiseman 103
Dave W 98
Danielle Ward 74
D K Arscott 64
Graeme 54
S D Jeffers 44
Peter Dixon 42
Sue Sharman 39
Martin Meredith 36
P A Tanner 32
A J Angus 31
Dave Lester 22
N J L Crabb 17
Richard 16
R M Botting 14
M E Price 9

If you can think of anyone who I've missed, then let me know.

And if you've got some names to put to the initials ...