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They said it could never happen, but it did.  A "complex character" maybe, and an expert at the "Gromit Stare" perhaps,...  but on 22nd June 2002, Gregory James Murphy confounded the experts by successfully marrying a delightful young lady, formerly known as Miss Joanne Compton. 

The Jaundiced Boys' night out (Ralph, Russ, Greg, Davey, Mark) [and Nick {obscured}]. Nick,... I couldn't think of anyone to be my Best Man, and then I thought of you ...
Every BM has his lady. With the deed done, Greg shares a joke with a maiden aunt (obscured)
Five paces later, Jo decides that it's now safe to laugh at the joke. I bet you didn't think I'd say THAT !
Oh look, the photographer's fallen off his box! Using a hat to hide his obvious excitement about being married.
Move along please - nothing to see here.

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